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Filter Magic®
IQ System
H2O Pilot Studies
  • Fully automated and patented filter backwash optimization system.
  • Filter Backwash Optimization that precisely controls bed expansion and backwash flow duration
  • Eliminates excess backwash water
  • Increases water production
  • Maximizes Filter System performance and efficiency
  • Fully integrated into all Filter Magic® filter control systems and IQ Systems

Zero2Waste® is an integral part of all Filter Magic® filter control systems and IQ Systems.  This patented technology can provide a significant ROI through water savings by:

  • Continuous monitoring of turbidity on top of the filters, especially during a backwash, allowing our patented filter backwash control system to precisely terminate the high wash based on turbidity.

  • Continuous monitoring of filter media level at all times, especially during a backwash, allowing our filter backwash system to precisely control the filter media bed expansion during the high wash regardless of water temperature.

  • Enhanced filter system performance and efficiency.

  • Historical data and analysis of long term filter performance,

  • Reduction in cost of wastewater treatment systems.

  • Increase in water production


What’s a percent or minute worth when optimizing your backwash?

Filter Magic® Zero2Waste® filter optimization solutions:

  • Can save you up to 5% or more in production water.

  • Can save you up to 10 minutes or more in backwash water every high wash.

For Example:
Fayette County Water System.png

Crosstown Road Water Treatment Plant

Peachtree City, Georgia

  • 6.8 MGD / 8 Filters

  • Zero2Waste® filter backwash optimization technology reduced their backwash runtime durations by 10 minutes @ 6200 GPM

  • Saved 100,000,000 gallons of water annually or 1/2 month of plant production

  • Increased filter system efficiency by 5%

  • Saved more than $100,000 in production water annually.

Zero2Waste® filter backwash optimization
solutions save lots of water!
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